Vedic mathematics training in specific learning difficulty: A study on upper primary children

Jini K Gopinath, Rita Krishnan


The aim of the present study was to examine the efficacy of vedic mathematics training on children with specific
learning difficulty. The mean age of the participants was 11.39 with a standard deviation of 0.63, and were divided
into three groups. One group underwent training in Vedic Mathematics, the second group underwent conventional
remediation for mathematics and the third group had sessions on general knowledge. The tools included Diagnostic
Arithmetic Test (DAT) from the NIMHANS index of learning disability and a Visual Analogue Scale. One way
Analysis of Variance showed that children who underwent Vedic Mathematics training and Remediation training
performed significantly better on the DAT at post training assessment. The study points the option of including
Vedic Mathematics Training in Schools to help children understand mathematics concepts better.


specific learning difficulty, vedic mathematics, remediation

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