Role of Rajyoga meditation as a psychotherapy in various physical and mental illnesses and well-being

Rupal Shaha, Satish Gupta


Rajyoga Meditation is the science and art of harmonizing spiritual, mental and physical energy through connection
with the ultimate source of spiritual energy (supreme soul) for enjoying ever healthy, ever wealthy and ever happy
life. Psychotherapy / counseling is the process to treat people suffering from mental stress, anxiety, depression,
psychosomatic diseases and other mental disorders and to maintain psychological well being. Many studies shows
how mind is connected to health (physical, mental) i.e. stress and negative emotions lead to mental illness and
psychosomatic illness and vice versa-meditation leads to mental, physical, total relaxation and healing leads to
mental and physical health. This paper shows how Rajyoga meditation can be very effective or auxiliary tool to
conventional therapy for various mental, physical illness and for mental well-being.


rajyoga meditation, stress, mental and physical

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