Psychological capital and workplace emotions among Indian nurses

Kalpana Thakker, Urmi Nanda Biswas


caregivers in a hospital and they significantly influence the quality of care provided, treatment and patient
outcomes. The nurses also interact with the patients, their relatives and act as buffers between the patients and the
doctors. While providing care to the patient, nurses have to provide understanding oriented care to be effective.
They act as social agents in the field of health. This requires them to have many self based resources to become
effective in their job role. Important self based resources for nurses that have been studied are positive emotions,
hope, optimism and self efficacy. Additionally, research on PsyCap and Burnout (Peng et al., 2013; Bitmişa and
Ergeneli, 2015) reports the importance of PsyCap to fight burnout. However, their study suggests that a
comprehensive research is required encompassing workplace emotions. The present study aims to understand the
role of Psychological Capital (PsyCap) with relation to workplace emotions through work engagement (WE) and
emotional labor (EL).


psychological capital, workplace emotions, through work engagement, emotional labor, nurse

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