Impact of social skills training on self-esteem among male and female adolescent students

Seema G. B., G. Venkatesh Kumar


The adolescent years are transforming at all levels: physical, emotional, social, cognitive and behavioral. Helping
professionals have searched for ways for adolescents to acquire the skills necessary to face these many changes.
Parents, educators and adolescents have tried to do what they can ,not only to survive ,but to make the most of major
life transition that occurs from age 10-18 (Arnett, 2000). This study was done to investigate the effect of social skills
training on self esteem among male and female adolescent students. The sample consisted of 200 (100 male and 100
female) adolescent students, were selected randomly and divided into experimental and control groups. The
experimental group received social skills training in 10 sessions, but the control group didn't attend the sessions.
Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale by Rosenberg (1965) was administered in pre and post intervention to measuring Self
esteem. Results revealed that social skills training has significantly enhanced self esteem in the selected sample of
experimental group and gender did not have differential influence on enhancing self esteem due to social skills


adolescent, social skills training, self esteem, gender

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