Psycho-social challenges of elderly

Shalini Singh, Nishat Afroz


The world's population is aging and all countries in the world are experiencing growth in the number and proportion
of older persons. India is no exception to this demographic transition. With the rapidly increasing number of aged,
the care of elderly has emerged as an important issue before the country. This change presents wide-ranging and
complex health, social, and economic challenges, both current and future, to which this diverse and heterogeneous
country must rapidly adapt. This paper is an attempt to review and discuss the context, scope, and magnitude of
India's demographic changes. Further it elaborated the need and concerns of elderly, various psycho-social
problems faced by them and impact of population aging on different sphere of country's resources. This paper also
discussed the increasing inclination of elderly towards the old age homes and the possible reasons behind it. This
chapter also presents an overview of several governmental, recent and ongoing efforts and initiatives, to adapt to
population aging and provide support to older adults and their families. It concludes with recommendations that
may serve as a productive next step forward, keeping in mind the need for urgent and timely action on the part of
government, NGO's, researchers, and general population.


aging population, psycho-social challenges, old age homes, governmental efforts

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