Positive mental health (PMH) for life in abundance: A study on john 10:10

Nishi Tripathi, Moakumla .


Life cannot be static, it needs change and development, growth and progression in all aspects-physical, mental,
spiritual and cognition. The route for maturity does not depend on physical growth and development alone because
it is an evolutionary and biological process. The process of individual maturity starts when the individual
understands oneself in its fullest possible as a means of change to a different way of life with a different purpose by
relying on the divine grace. Life in fullness is a step towards achievement of intra-personal and inter-personal
communion because individual needs to have peace within oneself- body, mind and soul which were created
through the will of God and the central core of the soul is the mind. When any of these factors are disturbed, the
individual will not be a progressive being but when these three aspects are in balance i.e., mind, body and spirit, the
individual brain will be more constructive and fulfilling the purpose and experience an abundant life. Positive
Mental Health is a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, utilizes the abilities to
cope up with the normal stresses of life and work productively, progressively and fruitfully. It is a state when the
individual person is able to constructively contribute to the needs of the society or community. In other words, when
an individual gradually pursue for growth, change and development in all aspects of life.


positive mental health, mind, body, spirit, peace

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