Comparative study of achievement motivation and self-concept of secondary school students

Naik Dinesh P., Ahirrao Kiran D.


The present study "Achievement Motivation and Self-concept of Secondary School Students" was investigated to
find the comparison between Self-concept and Achievement Motivation of High Achievers and low Achievers of
Secondary School Students. Data for the study were collected using Self-concept Questionnaire developed by
Saraswath (1984) and Achievement Motive Test (ACMT) developed by Bhargava (1994). The investigator used
simple random sampling technique for selecting the sample. The sample consists of 150 Secondary school students.
For analyzing data "t" test were used. Findings revels the significant difference between High Achievers and Low
Achievers in respect to Achievement Motivation and Self-Concept of Secondary School Students. Computed 't' =
1.34 dose not shows significant differences on achievement motivation, still high achievers scored high on
achievement motivation than low achievers, whereas on self concept differences were found as 't'= 4.30 found
significant at 0.01 level.


achievement motivation, self-concept, students

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