Effects of Smoking and Alcoholism Comorbid in Reactive Oxygen Species, Alcohol and Serotonin Levels

  • Mohammed A. Jawad Al-Nisour University College, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Usama S. Altimari Al-Nisour University College, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Mona N. Al-Terehi College of Science, University of Babylon, Hillah, Iraq
  • Kareem N. Hussain College of Medicine of Hammurabi, University of Babylon, Hillah, Iraq
Keywords: Alcoholism, Alcohol, Comorbid, ROS, Serotonin levels, Smoking.


The alcoholism and smoking habit are the most important health, economy, and forensic problems in populations. These habits are related to free radicals, neurotransmitter and other molecules. The present study was conducted to estimate reactive oxygen species (ROS), serotonin and alcohol in smoker in alcohol use disorder, results showed that there was a high percent of drunks have a smoking habit (78.94%) and low percent did not smoker (21.01%), the levels of ROS, serotonin and alcohol in study group show decrease in all study variables in the smoker group in non-significant differences, The correlation among study variables pointed that in non-smoker group weak positive correlation observed between ROS and serotonin, while in smoker weak inverse correlation in non-sig, ROS was significant inverse correlation with alcohol in non-smoker (p 0.031), and in the smoker group was non-sig weak invers correlation, the serotonin correlated with ROS in weak invers relation in smoker while in non-smoker there was weak positive relation in non-sig for both groups, also there was weak inverse relation in smoker and weak positive in non-smoker group in non-significant relations. The current finding concluded that the smoking may be affected in serotonin and alcohol level in addition to the effects of alcohol, thus the health awareness should be applied among populations.