Surrogacy and Art in India: Socio-Legal and Ethical Dilemma

  • Aishwarya Kamya Singh Research scholar, Department of Law, School of Legal Studies, Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow
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This book comprises sixteen chapters compilation of research papers authored by different authorsdeliversall the information about surrogacy and ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) and provides a deep knowledge about all the surrounding issues. This book gives overview about howsurrogacy and ARTarrangementhelps childless infertile couple to get the baby of their own. In this arrangement, egg fertilized with spermin lab and then inserted in surrogate womb. Information about various form of surrogacy and ART also covered in this book.But central point of this book revolves around socio-legal, ethical issues and dilemma related to Surrogacy and ART faced by India and other countries. This book provides about the complexities and the challenges faced by surrogacy in recent time. This book covers all aspects along with International and national legislation related to surrogacy, Judicial approaches and India surrogacy bill, complications surrounding surrogacy and ART.