Estimation of Median Lethal Dose of Cypermethrin and Betacyfluthrin

Brijender Bhushan, Prabhu Narain Saxena


Present study was aimed to evaluate the median lethal dose (LD50) of two broadly used, type II pyrethroid pesticides
Cypermethrin and Beta-cyfluthrin against Wistar albino rats. The albino rats corresponding to experimental sets were orally
administrated different doses of selected pyrethroids for estimation of median lethal dose. LD50 has been calculated by
Log-dose/probit regression line method, and came out to be 416.98 and 354.8 mg/Kg b.wt. for Cypermethrin and Betacyfluthrin
respectively. Difference in the median lethal of these compounds may be a consequence of structural differences


Pyrethroids, median lethal dose, albino rats.

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