The Protective Efficacy of Ethanolic Leaves Extract of Citronella Gras (Cymbopogon nardus) on Glucose Metabolism Alteration Induced By Mercury in Rats

Fransisca Diana Alexandra, Dian Mutiasari, Trilianty Lestarisa, Eko Suhartono


The present study was undertaken to investigate the protective effect of ethanolic citronella grass (C. nardus) leaves extract
against mercury (Hg) induced glucose metabolism alteration in rats. Four groups of rats were selected, with 6 rats for each
group. Animals of group I was received a 1 ppm of Hg only. Animals of groups II, III, and IV received a combination of
1 ppm Hg and plant extract in different dose (1650, 2520, and 3360 mg/ml). The experiment lasted for 4 weeks. The various
parameters studied included liver weight, liver glucose, glycogen, and malondialdehyde (MDA) level in all groups after
treatment. The results of this present studies showed that the Hg-induced glucose metabolism alteration in rats which can
be seen from the increase of liver glucose and the decreasing of liver glycogen levels. The results also showed that the Hginduced
glucose metabolism alteration through its activities in the trigger the liver cells damage which can be seen from
the decreasing of liver weight and the increase of liver MDA level. The ethanolic of C. nardus leaves extract shows a
protective effect to maintain all parameters into a better a condition which can be seen from the significant increase in liver
weight and liver glycogen level, and the significant decrease in liver glucose and MDA levels. The present study indicated
that the ethanolic C. nardus leaves extract showed a potential protective effect on glucose metabolism alteration induced by Hg


C. nardus, Citronella grass, Glucose, Glucose Metabolism.

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