A single case report on Ocular Rhinosporidiosis

Dr.Jasna Chandran, Dr. Sujathamma K.


Rhinosporidiosis is an enigmatic disease which has been known to medicine since 1900. It is a chronic infestation caused by Rhinosporidium seeberi, which predominantly affects the mucus membrane of eye, nose and nasopharynx. We report a case of rhinosporidiosis with presentation of mass which looks like a chalazia present in left upper lid. Here the case ultimately managed by surgical resection followed by Ayurvedic treatment and antibiotic eye drops for a duration of one month. Despite it has chance of recurrence but here after an year also patient doesn’t have any complaints regarding the same. Here 24 year old female patient diagnosed with Rhinosporidiosis was advised to undergo Pratisarana followed with Bidalaka and later excision. Patient came for follow-up after 1 year, there was no recurrence as well as no complaints particular to rhinosporidiasis.


Rhinosporidiosis, Surgical resection, Ayurveda, Pratisarana, Bidalaka.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.21760/jaims.v3i4.13318


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