Personal experience of Forensic evidence and solutions: A case series in a Forensic Odontology frame work

  • Suresh T. (Ex-Captain, Army Dental Corps, Indian Armed Forces) Department of Oral Pathology, Govt. Dental College and Research Institute, Fort, Victoria Hospital Complex, Bangalore
Keywords: Arid zone fruit crops, Canopy management, Growth, Yield, Quality.


Globally, challenges are faced in the field of Forensic Odontology and there is a need for correct training in the subject. There is an overlap with the justice system and the subject has its application disaster victim identification (DVI) scenario. The current article presents cases series which will give an insight on how a dental expert can obtain, analyse and present oral evidence. These cases are compilation of personal experience during authors posting as Dental Health Officer, Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Karnataka. The series of cases presented shall be of interest to all the readers, especially for budding Forensic Odontologists, as they have to be prepared to be present as an expert witness in the Court of Law. An insight to DVI is also added for highlighting how forensic odontologist can gain from cases discussed in the current article.