The Mobility of Mahasu Devta: Representation and Ritual Process

Anjali Chauhan


believe in these dieties go to the temple to worship them in normal course. In the hill regions
there are geographical barriers and the terrain is extremely difficult. So inspite of the development
of roads and transport facilities not many people are able to do Darshan(divine procedure of
seeing the god and worshipping) of these dieties. So there are mobile idols of the dieties or other
divine symbols which are taken in form of procession to various far off destinations in the hill.
The present paper deals with ritual of bringing the Mahasudevta home, through the symbolic
representation called the doria in JaunsarBavar region of Dehradun district in the state of
UttarakhandThis enables the common man in the mountains to catch a glimpse of the Devta and
feel blessed. At the same time it is a procedure to reaffirm the authority of the devta in the region.


Mahasu, doria, mobility, procession

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