Principal’s Administrative Effectiveness with respect to their Institutional Academic Performance

Mohan Lal Arya, Rajkumari Singh


This research paper is a description of the Principal’s Administrative Effectiveness and his
Institutional Academic Performance in the important salient aspect of School
Administration and Management. The study under this division: Urban Government, Rural
Government, Urban Public and Rural Public. This division is done to keep proper
representation of schools from all areas whether Government or Public schools, Urban or
Rural areas. It has been decided to select the final sample consists of 27 principals and 154
teachers and 8803 students. The prepared lists are useful for other categories such as
Government and Public schools, urban and rural schools. Under all these categories 14
Government and 13 Public schools, 15 Urban and 12 rural schools were selected from U.P.
Board and C.B.S.E. The selection of the schools indicates the selection of principals and
academic performance of that school. To get data on Principal’s Administrative Effectiveness,
“Administrative Effectiveness Scale” was administered on teachers of that school. All students
of X and IIX classes were selected from 27 secondary and senior secondary schools for getting
scores on ‘Institutional Academic Performance’. The paper finally recommended that that
schools those are located in urban areas show high academic performance and rural schools
keep low academic performance. The academic standards of urban schools are high then
that of rural schools. It is regarded by this finding that students those are studying in urban
schools perform better academic level. The students of rural schools show low academic


Principals, Administrative Effectiveness, Academic Performance.

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