Impact of irrigation on pulses production in India: A time-series study

Gourav Kumar Vani, Pradeep Mishra


Pulses are source of protein for Indians, production of which has not kept with increasing demand of the nation. Among efforts to enhance pulses production, role of irrigation as a critical input has not been given due importance. In present investigation attempt is to find out importance and contribution of irrigation in growth of pulses production in India. The time series data on area, production, productivity and area irrigated of pulses was obtained from DES Official website. The regression analysis and linear decomposition analysis were used as tools to carry out analysis. It was found that yield and area not-irrigated effect accounts for 52 per cent of growth of pulses which is not suitable for sustainability of pulses production system. Area not-irrigated effect contribution was 13.69 percent on pulses production. This also shows that irrigation has not been able to influence the production of pulses to desired level. The area irrigated accounted for 69 percent of variation in pulses yield. The result of present investigation is helpful to researcher as well as policymaker in attaining sustainable increases in pulses production in India.


Decomposition analysis, Growth decomposition, Irrigation, Pulses production, Regression analysis.

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