Langmuir Kinetics Study for Biosorption of Heavy Metals by Fungi

  • Aparna Gunjal Dr. D.Y. Patil, Arts, Commerce & Science College, Pune, Maharashtra, India


The waste water contains many heavy metals viz., zinc, cadmium, lead, nickel, arsenic, etc. Due to this it causes environmental issues. The removal of heavy metals by microorganisms i.e., bacteria, actinobacteria, fungi, algae and yeasts is termed ‘biosorption’. The work here mentions Langmuir’s kinetics study for biosorption of heavy metals by Aspergillus clavatus, A. oryzae and A. fumigatus. The Langmuir equations as well as constants were determined. The data showed the Langmuir isotherm model best fits the experimental data for biosorption of zinc, cadmium, lead and nickel. The Langmuir kinetics study will help to know the curve of biosorption process. This study of kinetics of biosorption can be used on a big scale.