Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Plant Sciences Research

  • CHANDRIKA NANAYAKKARA Department of Plant Sciences University of Colombo Colombo 03, Sri Lanka
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The current world needs to use modern technologies in plant science research due to increasing food requirements, and to cope up with global climate changes (1). Consequently, Artificial Intelligence (AI) based technologies are considered as the most recent and advanced research tools in every sector of science. Biological researches are also making progress surprisingly due to the assistance of AI affiliated tools directly or indirectly. Nowadays, plant physiology to genomic manipulation has witnessed, how it is easier and accurate than previous (2). Moreover, continuous monitoring of plants' growth, growing media, and relevant surroundings were time and labor-consuming in the past; even, the obtained results were erroneous somewhat. Data processing and analysis were based on individual performances of the participated researchers; surprisingly, the scenarios have been changed after the emergence of AI (3).
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