Formulation and Implementation of Energy Efficient Routing Algorithm for MANET along with Performance Analysis

  • Amandeep Makkar Department of Computer Science & Applications, NIILM University, Kaithal, India
  • Mukesh Kumar Department of Computer Science and Applications, NIILM University, Kaithal, India
  • Sunil Taneja Department of Computer Science, Government College, Aharwala, Bilaspur, India
Keywords: AODV, EER, Energy, MANET, Protocol, Routing.


Mobile adhoc network (MANET) is composed of wireless mobile nodes/devices which are moving randomly in infrastructure-less adhoc environments. Topology among mobile nodes is dynamic in nature and keeps on changing regularly. The adhoc environment is open to all the genuine users as well as intruders/attackers. Moreover, the wireless connection between mobile nodes can break at any time on account of mobility of nodes. Also, the mobile notes depend on their battery power, which may go down because of exhaust of battery power. Hence, it is a very complex task to implement energy efficient routing over MANET. While handling energy efficient routing, the optimum utilization of batter power is required. In this research paper, efforts have been carried out to formulate an algorithm for energy efficient routing over MANET. Its performance has been studied through network simulator. The simulations have been carried out by writing self created network scenarios with 20, 60 and 100 mobile nodes. Moreover, analysis of the proposed energy efficient routing protocol has been done with AODV routing protocol by using various performance evaluation metrics viz. packet delivery ratio, normalized routing load, average end to end delay, packet loss, throughput, average energy consumed and average energy left. It was derived from the performance analysis that proposed protocol provides energy efficient routing over MANET and also gives better or almost same performance in comparison to AODV.


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