RER Based Hybrid Technology for power Generation System:Pollution Free from GHG

Santosh Kumar Suman, Aishvarya Narain, Swati Maurya


This paper is presented to observe the conversion of renewable strength resources (RER) into electric power in a standalone hybrid electricity generation system. Recent electricity generation scenarios all over the world are not eco-friendly because the generation systems are by and large depending on fossil fuels that produce greenhouse gasoline (GHG) which contributes to worldwide warming. In this, the aggregate of two electricity resources is taking location i.e. Wind and solar energy. Solar panels are used for converting solar power and wind generators are used for converting wind power into strength. This electrical electricity era can function for numerous purposes. Generation of strength will take place at an affordable cost. This paper provides the Renewable Energy Based Hybrid Technology for Power technology that extracts the renewable energies in Sun and Wind to generate power. System manage relies particularly at the microcontroller. It ensures the optimal utilization of assets and consequently improves the efficiency as related to their person mode of the technology system. Also, it will increase the reliability and decreases the dependence on one unmarried source. This hybrid solarwind energy generating machine is appropriate for industries and additionally for home areas with reasonable price without unfavorable the natural stability like Pollution Free from GHG.


Greenhouse gas (GHG), Renewable energy resources (RER),Hybrid Technology

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