Restoring Natural River Flows, Through Optimal Ground Water Recharge and Improved Drainage Prevention of Pollution in Rivers

Thakur Das Daryana


Prevention of pollution in rivers and water bodies involves proper treatment of the sewage, drainage and other liquid effluents joining the river streams, as well as maintaining the natural river flows which have been diminishing due to the excessive drawl of river stream waters for the purpose of drinking water schemes, irrigation and some industrial uses, where ground water could be used, if available. Sub-soil ground water levels have also been going down
on account of the excessive population growth in the last six decades, resulting into more and more dependence on river waters. This situation needs to be changed by enhancing the rain water harvesting and ground water recharge volumes with innovative and special measures so as to return to minimum drawl of river waters for drinking and other uses. The proposed measures could be summarized as follows. (i) Restoring Natural River Flows would involve (a) Reducing the surface water Drawl to a minimum. (b) Optimal Utilization of Ground Water for Drinking Water Supply, Irrigation and other uses. (c) Enhancing River Flows through improved surface drainage. (ii) Synchronized Water Supply and Precipitation Storage-cum- Recharge Systems in Water Scarcity areas. (a) Water Supply Schemes equipped with simultaneous rain water harvesting structures. (iii) Optimal Ground Water Recharge and Improved Drainage by innovative and special methods such as (a) Optimal Ground Water Recharge through Village Ponds, equipped with precipitation overflow diversion and recharge system. (b) Waste Water Drainage Treatment at discharge points before outfall into rivers.


Prevention of pollution in rivers, Optimal Ground Water Recharge, Waste Water Drainage Treatment, Drainage Silt and Debris Traps, Disinfection of Screened Fluid.

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