Double Diffusive Convection in a Couple Stress Fluid Saturated Rotating Anisotropic Porous Layer with Internal Heating and Soret Effect

Ajay Singh, Kanchan Shakya


In this paper, the effect of internal heat source and Soret effect has been investigated on double diffusive convection in a rotating anisotropic porous medium saturated with a couple stress fluids, heated and salted from below. Linear stability analysis has been performed by using Normal mode techniqueand for nonlinear analysis, minimal representation of Fourier series up to two terms has been considered. The modified Darcy model, which includes the time derivative term and Coriolis term, has been employed in the momentum equation. The effect of Taylor number, couple stress parameter, solute Rayleigh number, internal heat source parameter, Lewis number, Darcy-Prandtl number, thermal and mechanical anisotropy parameter on the stationary and oscillatory modes of convection has been obtained and shown graphically, Also the heat and mass transports are obtained in terms of the Nusselt number and Sherwood number respectively, and shown graphically.


Double diffusive convection; Couple stress; Rotation; Internal heat source;Soret parameter;Porous media.

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