Green Initiatives: A Study on Two Wheelers

Jai Jayant, Suchita Vishwakarma, Ashok Sengupta


Indian economic development has brought with itself various challenges and health hazards. Rise of deadly diseases, are result of ecological degradation. The transportation system is one major catalyst to urban ecological imbalance. Epidemiological studies have shown that, air pollution causes thousands of health problems leading to number of deaths in Indian cities. Other effects of ecological disturbance include global warming and increase in natural calamities which are now forcing us to take major decisions related to conservation of environment. Keeping in view, there is an urgent need of the entire stakeholder to take remedial actions to reduce the pace of further degradation of existing environment. Since transportation is the back bone of any economy so this sector needs serious attention regarding formulation of necessary rules and regulations, strict enforcement of emission norms for vehicles, proper traffic planning, use of clean fuel etc., and also to make aware the public about necessity of sustainable environment in cities. Thus, this study is an attempt to know the understanding of public about green marketing initiatives and green vehicles. The customer is key to any marketing effort. An effort has been taken to understand, if the customer is aware about eco-friendly two wheeler and is ready to make changes in his purchase behavior accordingly. For the same a structured questionnaire had been designed to collect information from 135 educated residents of Lucknow.


Green Marketing, Green Product,Purchase Decisions.

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