Combined Effects of Periodic Suction and Permeability on MHD Oscillatory Flow of Rivlin Ericksen Fluid past a Moving Semi-infinite Porous Plate in the Presence of Thermal Radiation

Deepti , B P Garg


In this paper the behaviour of unsteady flow of viscous incompressible and
electrically conducting Rivlin Ericksen fluid past a semi-infinite vertical porous
plate having variable permeability under thermal radiation effects is examined.
Further the time dependent suction is assumed at the plate which is moving
with constant velocity whereas the free stream velocity is assumed to be
oscillating with time. The dimensionless governing equations for the fluid
flow under investigation are reduced to set of ordinary differential equations
using two term harmonic and non-harmonic functions and solved analytically
under relevant boundary conditions. Further the analytical results obtained
for velocity, temperature and concentration profiles are evaluated numerically
and their variation with different flow parameters are shown graphically. Also,
the variation behaviour of Skin friction, Nusselt number and Schmidt number
along with their amplitudes and phase angles for pertinent parameters is
displayed graphically.


MHD, porous medium, periodic permeability, Rivlin Ericksen, suction and thermal radiation

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