Human Gesture Controlled Car Robot

Anita Shukla, Ankit Jain, Prajjwal Mishra, Rahul Kushwaha


In present era of development and growth, the technology has made possible
for people to operate electronic devices more conveniently. Now we are able
to operate machines without giving it a touch with the help of technology
called Hand Gesture Recognition. Here we have devised a gesture controlled
car robot which uses PIC16F738 microcontroller and accelerometer to achieve
human computer interaction. In this paper we deal with development and
implementation of wireless and an accelerometer based hand gesture
controlled car robot using RF transmitter and receiver. Transmitter detects
the movement of hand and sends the command to the receiver by RF; receiver
receives the command and moves the robot accordingly. Apart from
conventional approach of controlling mechanism of car robots via buttons
etc., here we have developed a definite and effective algorithm for identification
of the gestures.


PIC16F738 microcontroller, Accelerometer, Motor driver, RF transmitter and receiver.

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