An Innovative Approach to Use Solar Energy Utilising Drinking Bird Principle for Water Lifting in Rural Areas in India

Jaswant Singh Dixit


One element of development gap has been scarcity of energy and power supply
in the less developed areas in our country. Moreover, within prevailing energy
crisis and increasing cost of power generation using fossil fuels or nuclear
energy search for unconventional means has almost become an important
necessity. The key to increased living standards in any community is the efficient
utilization of natural resources. It is therefore, axiomatic that poorer sections
of our country must get developed their energy resources to enjoy their lives.
Remotely dispersed villages with population of two to three thousand lack
conventional sources of energy. Providing them with electricity and other fossil
fuels is uneconomical mainly because their demands are very low and many
of them are remote from energy producing centres. It appears, development of
small indigenous power sources would play important role in rural
modernization, which, in addition to increasing agricultural production, would
also help restricting migration of rural people to urban cities. Hence, an
innovative approach utilising principle of the drinking bird toy has been
explored for developing a device using solar energy, which is locally and
cheaply available energy source in abundance, for water lifting from nearby
canals, and nalas where water level is half to two meters below the ground
level. The current article would discuss about the design and performance
etc. of the same in detail.


Solar Energy, Bird Principle, Water Lifting, Rural Area, Innovation Approach

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