The Editorial Board of Sri JNPG College Revelation- A journal Populor Science feels extreme pleasure in bringing out second issue of this popular science magazine. Science is not merely a bunch of rules and laws confined strictly to a segregated branch of knowledge. Scientific outcomes are windows to the reality. According to the famous physicist Richard Feynman, Science is a long history of learning how not to fool ourselves. To keep a check on the fundamental tendencies of peoples minds, to give a candid view of reality, it is pertinent to interfuse the scientific genre with the other branches of learning. The availability of scientific innovations to all sections of society must be as vehemently advocated as the right of a common man to the fulfillment of his basic needs. Through this popular science journal, an effort is made in this direction to start a communication channel between the scientific community and outside world.

In its encounter with nature, mankind is mesmerized by its subtlety, magnificence and elusive beauty. The inquisitive human nature never imparts him the bliss of oblivion as is enjoyed by the other creatures. Sages shun earthly comforts to scale the heights of Himalayas in search of the TRUTH, truth about our own existence, truth about creation of cosmos and above all raison dtre (reason for being). Prostration in front of spiritual gurus, meditation, and visiting religious places manifest the desire of human being to come vis--vis with this truth and search meaning of our being. Spirituality brings the self closer to the truth of life. Out of many ways leading to the truth of this creation, science is one of them. Science, apart from a branch of knowledge, is a way of thinking, a pursuit of understanding the cause that has created us.