A Comparative Study of Palmar Dermatoglyphics in Thakurs and Lodhis of Bakshi Ka Talab Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Preeti Gupta, Udai Pratap Singh


Dermatoglyphic characters vary widely and are unaffected by age, gender and least by
environment. Unlike configurations and their distinctiveness with every individual, it also
shows bilateral, bisexual and population variations. Palm prints once created are
unchangeable throughout life and are unaffected by environmental factors. This paper is
based upon the palmar dermatoglyphic. The study reports on bisexual and bilateral palm
prints among Lodhis and Thakurs of Rudahi village of Bakshi Ka Talab, Lucknow District.
The palmar dermatoglyphic traits have been analyzed among the two populations which are
Main line Formula, Endings of main lines D and A, Position of Axial triradius, Angle atd, Main
line Index, Hypothenar, Thenar/ Ist Interdigital area, IInd Interdigital area, IIIrd Interdigital
area, IVth Interdigital area, and Palmar Ridge Counts. The prints have been obtained by
using the duplicating ink method on white paper. On the perusal of Principal Main line
Formula among Lodhis and Thakurs, it has been noticed that the frequency is more in Lodhi
males than females in formula 11.9.7. On the other hand, the frequency of Thakur males is
more than Thakur females in formula 9.7.5. The Ending of Main Line D in position 11 as
clearly indicated in Lodhis is higher in both the genders in comparison to Thakurs, while the
position 9 indicates highest frequency in Thakur females. The Ending of main line A at
position 5’ has higher frequency in Lodhi males. The Main line index value 16 is observed
higher in Lodhis in comparison to Thakurs. Higher frequency has been observed in Lodhis
than Thakurs in Axial triradius in modal type‘t’. The range of Angle atd is observed to have
higher frequency in 36º- 40º among the Lodhis as compared to Thakurs. The palmar ridge
counts mean, is found higher in Lodhi females and Thakur males. Thus this paper shows the
similarity and dissimilarity among the males and females of Thakurs and Lodhis in Palmar


Topology, General Relativity, cosmology

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.29320/sjnpgrj.v2i01.11029


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