A Brief Study of Female Healthcare Preparations Used by the Koch- Rajbanshi Tribals of Barpeta District of Assam

Vandana Singh Srivastava, D. K. Bhattacharjya


Barpeta district of Assam is rich in phytodiversity and the rural folk of the district are efficient
practitioner of their traditional knowledge system, especially in connection with the
use of phytomedicines. The present paper deals with the ethno-medicinal knowledge of
Koch-Rajbanshi tribal people living in small settlements in the district of Barpeta with special
reference to Female healthcare. This tribal group is among the ones with smallest population
in Barpeta. Out of the 25 species belonging to 18 families documented here mostly are
well known and used extensively by other tribes also.


Assam, Barpeta, Ethnomedicine, Female Healthcare, Koch-Rajbanshi tribe.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.29320/sjnpgrj.v2i01.11031


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