Technical Analysis of Smart Material Structures and their Applications in Civil Engineering

Vineet Kumar Pandey, C. K. Singh


Due to the continuous development in the field of innovative materials, the smart material
and structures can be used as a new tool in architectural industry. A conventional architectural
structure is designed to function under pre-assumed forces and loads (pressure) and
thus it can’t develop itself an ability to control unexpected forces and loads.
The designs using smart materials are inspired with nature to mimic human i.e. a material
with capability of sensing and responding with the change in environment .The aim of research
in the field of smart material structures is to make a system to mimic living organism
with actuators and sensors. These materials have numerous applications in the field of civil
engineering e.g. SMA (shape memory alloys) with super elastic properties (inspired with
the concept of elasticity),can provide a control over the shape of the structure with changing
crystalline structure via a change in temperature.


Inhibited, Khasi,Garo, Jurisdiction, Convey, Testament, Prospectively.

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