Fluoride Toxicity in the Fish Channa punctatus and its Reversibility by Ascorbic Acid

Rajesh Gupta, Krishna Gopal, Madhu Tripathi, U. D. Sharma


Flouride toxicity has acquired a massive form in present times since we have to dig deeper
and deeper in search of drinking water. Deeper levels are richer in toxic metals and non
metals like Arsenic and Flourides. The present study takes a common freshwater fish Channa
punctatus as a bioassay of fluoride toxicity and studies the effects of reversal of toxic effects
by use of Ascorbic acid and by keeping the fish in clean water. The results have been compiled
in the form of graphs and photomicrograph.


National Security Act, Prevention detrmination, constitutional reviews

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.29320/sjnpgrj.v2i01.11033


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