Friendly Foes: The Bio-control Agents

Kalpana Singh


The bio-control agents are those organisms that manage the pest population in natural way
and keep them below the economic threshold and are thus applied by the agency of man.
This process is known as bio-control or biological control. They are foes to the pests and are
thus beneficial and a friend for us. There are many pathogens (Bacillus thuringiensis, Bt
cotton), parasites (parasitoids, ex. Parasitic wasps, tachinid flies) and predators (ex. Gambusia
fish against mosquito larvae) that can be applied as bio-control agents. Many are being
used as effective pest control agent in Europe and United States of America. There is lots
of potential in this field and more explorations and researches need to be done in an agricultural
country like India.


Bio-control, Insect, predator, parasitoid, pathogen, natural enemies

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