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Neetu Neetu


Corruption is not only a major issue problem for our country but also for the entire world. But in India Corruption is increasing day- by- day. Which is really a bad indicator for any economy. According to an intensive study conducted in 2008 by Transparancy International , it was found that about 40% of Indians had first hand experience of paying bribes and according to 2016 results of Corruption Perception index of Transparancy International India ranks 76th out of 176 countries regarding Corruption issue. In India most of the largest source of Corruption are entitlement programmer and social spending scheme enacted by the Indian government. This paper focuses on methods and type of Corruption and also presents an overview of Corruption in different sectors of India. Main causes of Corruption in India include complicated taxes and licensing system , excessive regulation , numerous government departments each with bureaucracy and discretionary power etc. It also depicts impact of Corruption and how to stop Corruption and prevent it. The Prime aim of this paper is to include biggest Corruptionscam in Indian history. AK Antony said Corruption was really a serious challenge which badly affected the morale of defence personnel and urged them to renew their pledge to work with honesty, fairness, and transparency. This research paper is an attempt to consider scale of the Corruption. This study is based on secondary data.


Transparency, Bureaucracy, Indicator, Bribes,Discretionary etc.

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