• Sk Samsul Alli Lecturer in Education, DIET Jajpur Dolipur
  • Laxmipriya Ojha Research Scholar GM University, Sambalpur
Keywords: SMC, RCFCE Act 2009, Holistic Development, CRCC.


पIn Odisha, all Government elementary schools have SMC for planning, monitoring and providing support on different activities .As per the provisions under section 21 of RCFCE ACT 2009, a school management committee shall be constituted in every school. But if we see development of school, enrolment and retention of the children, the functioning of SMC member is a big question. The present study titled, “Impact of School Management Committees (SMCs) for Holistic Development of the School” was conducted to: study the functioning, financial involvement and monitoring of SMC for contributing in academic of the schools. The appropriate sample of the study the researchers adopted Incidental sampling method. Therefore the researcher had taken five blocks of Jajpur district namely Korai block, Jajpur block, Danagadi Block ,Rasulpur block and Binjharpur block and from those blocks the researchers had taken 20 schools, 40 teachers , 354 students, 156 SMC members and 16 CRCCs . Five different tools and techniques were used for data collection such as interview for Teacher, interview for SMC members, interview for CRCCs, focus group discussion for SMC members, focus group discussion for Students. The data were analysed quantitatively as well as qualitatively. Statistical techniques like frequency and percentage analysis was done and description under qualitative techniques. The researcher finds out that SMC members are not performing their activities properly for developing academic .Their participation in financial area is not satisfactory. So important component of capacity building of SMC members hence such trainings are very important for increasing the awareness of the members on procedures followed for formations, nominations and functions of SMC.