• Bhadab Hembram Lecturer, Anchalika Panchayat College, Sujanpur, Dist-Jajpur, Odisha
Keywords: Tribal Education, Government initiative, Empowerment.


India is a country of multi-racial groups which is reflected by different cultures, religions, languages and racial groups. These social groups are at different levels of development. The Scheduled Tribe is one of the principle groups which have a history of discrimination. They are economically, politically and educationally backward. Right from independence Government of India has taken many progressive initiatives for the holistic developmental of the tribal. In this endeavour, the Right to Education bill 2009 was a landmark step in realizing the cherished goal of universal elementary education which will also certainly help tribal community. It is a well established fact that there is a close relationship between level of education and economic prosperity. An educated person is given more respect and than an uneducated. So receiving education is essential for every individual. Education is considered as one of the important tool for the socio-economic development of tribal. This paper attempts to highlight different constitutional safeguards and promotive schemes undertaken by the Government India for empowerment of education among tribal .