Study of the effect of learning thinking style on the adjustment level of students of Bachelor of Science

  • Rajeev Kumar Singh Department of mathematics, Pratapgarh City-230002, U.P., India
  • Bhupal Singh Department of B.Ed. P.B. P.G. College, Pratapgarh City-230002, U.P., India
Keywords: adjustment level, learning thinking style, students of Bachelor of Science


Education is the mirror of the society and as such it becomes imperative for education to reflect the hopes aspiration and needs of the Society. In this context education is the strong force for the development of the students. Being inspired by whose influence he develops all round development by being bound by physical, mental, spiritual and emotional disciplines. The ability to adopt to the accommodating circumstances in the process of development. The circumstances in the child’s environment include physical, socio-cultural and psychological conditions, He tries to adopt to these, there are many favourable and unfavourable situation in his life, to adjust these situations, he thinks according to his capacity. Thus the thinking style of the child affects his adjustment.