Study of experiments scheme of action research to remove Hindi spelling errors of history students of secondary level

  • Amrita Singh B.Ed. Department, T.D. P.G. College, Jaunpur-222 002, U.P., India
Keywords: Secondary Level Students, Hindi Spelling, Action Research


Research is an active process of increasing new Knowledge, Action research is also a part of originals research. In which the study of Fundamental Problem’s the discovery of new facts, the establishment of new sessions and the formulation of new theories. Hindi is our national language. It is a compulsory subject, many in accuracies are found in spelling and written work in most of the students. Present work is a process to remove those same errors and get rid of future spelling problems. In action research the problem is solved by adopting teaching methods only by removing the spelling errors; Personal language can be improved. Action research is directly related to the research problem, which helps in solving the selected problems.