Urbanization and human residence : a challenge

  • Rashmi Tewary Department of Botany, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Memorial Degree College Lucknow-226017, U.P., India
Keywords: Urbanization, Human Settlements, Migration, Transformation, Challenge, Management


One of the more fashionable terms to have emerged over the past few years is “sustainability". The term has been applied in all sorts of contexts that initially concentrated on the environmental and ecological issues, but now it includes the social, economic and even that of overall development. It also applies to the human settlements, be it cities, towns or villages etc. The world's urbanization rate is unprecedented with the migration of millions of people to cities and urban centers bringing enormous pressure in various directions of human society. It is today's need to bring innovation and opportunities that hold the transformative power of positive change and inclusion. The challenge of urbanization is further exacerbated by previously rural human settlements that are rapidly transforming into urban centres and small towns subsequently growing into cities.