Regional Environmental Management and Planning Leading to Sustainable Development

  • Gunjan Pandey Department of Economics, B.S.N.V. P.G. College, Lucknow-226001, U.P., India
Keywords: sustainable development, environmental hazards, ecology, environmental conservation and preservation


Environmental Management plays a significant role for not just India but for the whole world to resolve environmental problems. We have to plan the use of our natural resources in a very judicious manner. True development oriented planning helps to always bring about a balance between economic growth and development on one side and environmental conservation and preservation of natural resources on the other. It is only then sustainable development can be brought about in a country and the world as a whole India cannot become a developed country, if it chooses to ignore the need for environmental planning and management. This would avoid overuse and misuse of the natural resources of the country. It also minimizes the impact of human activities on ecology. This paper discusses the environmental problems faced by the rural and urban areas and also as to how they can be tackled with proper Environmental planning and management of these regions. This paper is divided into five sections besides introduction. Section II informs about the environmental problems faced by the rural areas. Section III deals with the environmental impact on the urban areas. Section IV highlights the government and other organizational efforts being made to tackle the environmental hazards faced by the rural poor and also the policy suggestions. Section V brings forth the planning and management efforts made by the government and others non­governmental agencies to eradicate the environmental adverse Implications on the urban poor. Lastly, Section VI on conclusion brings out the summary and findings of the paper.