Optimization of the Universal Defense System with Strengthening Air Sovereignty in the Republic Of Indonesia

  • Setiawan Wijayanto Universitas Pertahanan Republik Indonesia
  • I Wayan Midhio Universitas Pertahanan Republik Indonesia
  • Afrizal Hendra Universitas Pertahanan Republik Indonesia
Keywords: Universal defense system, state sovereignty , air space.


The international recognition of airspace as part of state sovereignty provides strong legitimacy for Indonesia to fully and exclusively regulate its air space. Unfortunately, this has not been done optimally by Indonesia, which can be seen from the lack of adequate facilities, infrastructure and human resources that affect the ability to maintain national airspace sovereignty. Even though the regulation regarding regional borders has been clearly regulated through the 1944 Chicago Convention. Based on these problems, the purpose of this study is to identify and analyze efforts to strengthen airspace sovereignty that can be done by Indonesia in order to maintain the sovereignty of the Indonesian state. This study uses a descriptive qualitative approach by collecting secondary data sources through literature study. From the review conducted, it was found that the efforts that can be made by the Indonesian government to strengthen the sovereignty of the airspace of the Indonesian state are by optimizing aspects of the universal defense system in accordance with Law no. 3 of 2002, which was then followed by a strategy of strengthening airspace sovereignty in the form of improving and optimizing the resources owned.