A Brief Analysis on the Impact of Minority Parsi Community Issues by Rohinton Mistry’s Novels

  • Yogaraj A Research Scholar in English, Park’s College, Department of English Tiruppur, Tamilnadu India
  • Kavitha M Associate Professor, Head and Research Supervisor, Department of English, Park’s College, Tiruppur, Tamilnadu India
Keywords: Class Differences, Community, Contemporary Reality, Cultural, Post Colonial, Social.


Literature has always represented society in one form or another because writers are the sensitive souls of the society who are affected by the slightest possible change in their surroundings. This paper deals with Indian literature especially focuses on Indian diasporic writer Rohinton Mistry who represents the realistic picture of the most sustained explorations of post – independence Indian society through his chronicles of individual and community lives. Mistry’s fiction covers many themes, from politics to parsi community life and economic inequality to national ‘events’ such as wars, rigorously examining the impact of historical forces and social events on ‘small’ lives. As his novels depicts the social, cultural and political life in India. Most of his concerns are devoted towards the preservation of the parsi community which is marginalized sections of the society which include the economically and socially downtrodden, old and decrepit, women, etc. His concerns for the socially downtrodden and socially marginalized have found genuine representation in his works. Rohinton Mistry rеflects the reality of India’s post colonial greedy politics of corruption, oppression, exploitation, violence, strong opposition to social and class differences have extended the spectrum of contemporary reality through his novels.