Socio-Demographic Profile and Treatment Outcomes of Tuberculosis Patients Diagnosed In a Government Civil Hospital of Northern India: A Cross-Sectional Study

  • Rishabh Chadha ENT Specialist, Civil Hospital Jogindernagar , Himachal Pradesh , India
  • Jeevan kumar General Surgeon, Civil Hospital Jogindernagar , Himachal Pradesh, India
Keywords: Socio-demographic Profile , Treatment outcomes, Tuberculosis Patients, Himachal Pradesh.


Background: Tuberculosis remain a worldwide public health problem and is one of the top 10 causes of death globally. Millions of people continue to fall sick with TB each year. We conducted the present study to evaluate the Socio-demographic Profile and treatment outcomes of Tuberculosis Patients Diagnosed in a Government Civil Hospital of Northern India. Material and Methods: This cross-sectional record-based study was conducted at Civil Hospital Jogindernagar of Himachal Pradesh. We collected information using a self-designed, structured questionnaire containing information regarding various sociodemographic and clinical variables. Information was collected from Tuberculosis (TB) notification register kept at DOTS centre. Statistical analysis was done using statistical software Epi Info v7.2.2. Results: There were total 74 patients of tuberculosis were registered from Jan 2020 to June 2020 at DOTS center in Civil Hospital, Jogindernagar, Himachal Pradesh Among the total, 54 27(73%%) were 21-60 years of age. Mean age of patients were 44.78±17.01 years. Majority of patients, 56(75.7%) were male and 51(68.9%) belong to lower middle class. 46 (62.25) were pulmonary TB cases while 28 (37.8%) were extra pulmonary cases. Among the total, 26(35.1%) cases were clinically diagnosed, 11(14.9%) cases were Clinically diagnosed or Diagnosed by FNAC while 37(50.0%) cases Microbiological confirmed cases. 29( 39.2%) cases were Contact of TB/DRTB Cases , 29(39.2%) were tobacco user while 16(21.6%) had other risk factors. None of the case Reactive HIV status, 8(10.8%) had Diabetes while 27(35.5%) had associated Cervical lymphadenopathy. 71(95.8%) were cured after completing ATT, 1(1.4%) were become defaulter , 1(1.4%) Shifted to MDR Treatment and (1.4%) was died. Conclusion: Study concluded that most of the patients were males, belonged to lower socioeconomic status , in productive age group and of pulmonary TB. Treatment success rate is good but still need to improve, to make it 100 percent.