Software Engineering: New Methodologies, Tools, and Best Practices in Software Development

  • Twinkle Bhowmick
  • Suraj Koner
  • Biraj Saha
  • Debosree Ghosh
  • Bablu Pramanik
Keywords: Agile Software Development , Iterative and Incremental Practices, Agile Software Management and Collaboration Techniques, DevOps and Continuous Delivery Practices , Integration of Development and Operations Teams, Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing and Continuous Deployment Practices, Automated Software Testing and Quality Assurance, Methodologies: Test-Driven Development and Behaviour-Driven Development, Test Automation Frameworks and Tools, Code Reviews and Static Code Analysis, Continuous Testing and Quality Metrics.


Software engineering is a dynamic field that is always evolving to meet the demands of difficult software development projects. This journal article investigates contemporary software engineering methodologies, tools, and best practices in order to enhance the efficiency, quality, and dependability of software development processes. We discuss the most recent advancements in quality assurance, DevOps, agile software development, and automated testing. We also look at the role that cooperation, communication, and project management have in efficient software engineering methods. By highlighting these advances, this article aims to promote the delivery of high-quality software products and improve software development processes.

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Bhowmick, T., Koner, S., Saha, B., Ghosh, D., & Pramanik, B. (2023). Software Engineering: New Methodologies, Tools, and Best Practices in Software Development. International Journal of Innovative Research in Science,Engineering and Technology, 12(08).