DNA Virome: Sequencing and Data Analysis of Viral Metagenome of Poultry Suffering from Respiratory Diseases

Manisha R. Sajnani, D. Sudarsanam, Subhash J. Jakhesara, Siddhardha Solosanc,, Chaitanya G. Joshi, Vaibhav D. Bhatt


Respiratory diseases are the most common causes of death in a poultry flock. Knowledge of the
avian respiratory system is essential for developing a health monitoring plan for a poultry flock,
recognizing problems that may occur, and taking action to correct them. Recently, respiratory
diseases in commercial broiler chicken flocks have increased in India and no significant cause has
been identified till date. Viral populations are predominant in respiratory tract infections and they
cause severe economic loss through decreased productivity. We performed shotgun sequencing
approach to understand viruses associated with or causing respiratory infections (RI) in broilers.
We report high quality sequencing reads, de novo assembled sequences, taxonomical as well as
functional classifications of virome of the infected broiler birds.


Respiratory diseases, poultry, de novo assembly shotgun sequencing

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.21887/ijvsbt.v13i03.10612


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