Prevalence of Theileria annulata on the basis of Nutritional Status of the Crossbreed Cows

Shri Ram Dadhich, Hemant Kumar Mehta, Arup Kumar Gupta, Raj Kumar Jain


In the present study the prevalence of T.annulata on the basis of nutritional status of the animals
shoed that animals having good nutritional status suffer least from ticks infestation in all age group
animals ie calves up to 1 year, heifers from 1 to 3 years and adult cows more than 3 years having
good nutritional condition the prevalence of T.annulata was found to be least 14.81% ,20.00% and
11.53% respectively, while within the same age group animals having poor nutrition had prevalence
of 44.44%, 46.66 and 50.00% indicating that animals having good nutritional status have better
immune system. In all age group animals having fair and poor nutritional status this disease
prevalence increases due to heavy ticks infestation which lead to lower body immune system. As
nutrition plays a key role in the balance of health and disease which decides whether an animal
stays healthy or succumbs to disease.



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