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Role of Various Estrus Induction and Synchronization Protocols in Influencing Plasma Progesterone, Metabolic Profile and Fertility in Acyclic Buffaloes

J. P. Prajapati, D. M. Patel, A. J. Dhami, J. A. Patel, K. K. Hadiya, D. V. Chaudhari


A study was carried out under field conditions on 50 acyclic/
anestrus buffaloes to evaluate the efficacy of four standard estrus
synchronization protocols, viz., Doublesynch, Estradoublesynch,
Ovsynch, and Ovsynch Plus (10 buffaloes in each protocol, and
in untreated control group) in terms of estrus induction response,
conception rates at induced estrus with FTAI and monitoring
plasma progesterone, protein and cholesterol profile at different
time intervals during treatment and day 12 post-AI. All the animals
received pre-synchronization treatment, i.e., Inj. 100 mg ivermectin
s/c, Inj. tono-vita 20 ml, and multi-minerals 1 bolus daily for 7
days. The conception rates obtained at induced estrus (FTAI)
were 50.0, 40.0, 30.0 and 50.0 % with Doublesynch,
Estradoublesynch, Ovsynch and Ovsynch Plus protocol,
respectively. The rests were taken as non-conceived ones. The
plasma progesterone concentrations monitored on day 0 (start
of treatment), 7/9 (PGF2
α injection), 10/12 (FTAI) and on day 12
post-AI revealed significant (p Lass Than 0.01) effect of sampling days in
all four protocols with higher values on day of PGF2
α injection
and on day 12 post-AI compared to other days. Moreover, the
plasma progesterone concentrations were significantly (p Lass Than 0.05)
higher in conceiving than the non-conceiving buffaloes on day
12 post-AI in all 4 protocols. The mean plasma protein and
cholesterol profile did not differ significantly between days in any
of the protocols. The animals under Doublesynch protocol however
had significantly higher protein values as compared to Ovsynch
and Ovsynch Plus protocols. Moreover, the non-conceiving
buffaloes under Ovsynch Plus protocol had significantly (p Lass Than 0.05)
lower mean plasma protein (5.73±0.15 vs. 6.49±0.13 g/dl) and
cholesterol (57.42±1.19 vs. 76.68±1.85 mg/dl) concentrations
compared to their counterparts. It was concluded that all four
hormonal protocols improved plasma progesterone profile and
conception rates in acyclic buffaloes without altering plasma
protein and cholesterol profile. The maximal benefit was with
Doublesynch and Ovsynch plus protocols, hence these can be
practiced under field conditions to manage acyclic buffaloes.


Buffalo, Acyclic, Estrus synchronization, Conception rate, Plasma profile.

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