Scanning Electron Microscopic Studies on Uterus of Jaffarabadi Buffalo during Follicular and Luteal Phases of Estrous Cycle

Vishnudeo Kumar, K. N. Vyas, P. H. Tank, Anil Sharma, S. H. Talekar


The study was conducted on uterus of 20 adult Jaffrabadi buffaloes. Scanning electron microscopic observation showed that the surface of endometrium was folded. Lining epithelium of horn and body consist of ciliated and nonciliated cells. During follicular phase cells were flat, formed hexagonal structure with numerous microvilli, whereas, cells were narrow and polygonal in shape during luteal phase. More number of well-developed ciliated cells were found in follicular phase as compared to luteal phase. Numerous secretory blabs were observed on surface of secretory cells during luteal phase. The folds in the cervix were narrow and deep. The lining epithelium of cervix had ciliated and nonciliated cells. The cilia were more in cranial part than the caudal part of the cervix and present in the form of bunch, which were overlapping the secretory cells. Ciliated cells were more in number during follicular phase. Cervical glands were distributed on the cervical mucosa and ciliated cells were present around the openings of these glands.


Follicular phase, Luteal phase, Jaffarabadi buffalo, Uterus, SEM.

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