Influence of Seasons on Seminal Attributes of Crossbred Bulls and its Implications on Fresh, Diluted and Cryopreserved Semen

P. M. Kapale, A. S. Nagvekar, P. L. Dhande, S. D. Ingole, N. R. Dagli, B. N. Ramteke, G. M. Gadegaonkar


The present study was conducted on eight crossbred bulls (HFxGir, 50-75% HF inheritance) under Konkan Development Corporation Ltd. of Maharashtra. Semen ejaculates obtained at monthly interval were used for this study. Semen samples were subjected to routine macroscopic and microscopic evaluation. The study was planned for three seasons, viz., summer, winter and monsoon. The ejaculates were divided into two parts: one part was used for analysis as fresh semen and second part was diluted using egg yolk extender and then cryopreserved. It was observed that the sperm motility and live sperm percentage were significantly low during summer season as compared to winter and monsoon season in fresh semen samples. The semen volume was significantly higher during summer season whereas the sperm concentration was higher in winter season. The colour, consistency and density were not affected by season. Thus, it was concluded that summer season adversely affects the seminal attributes which may result in low quality semen production.


Holstein Friesian bull, Season, Seminal attributes, Cryopreservation

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