Gyrification Index and Encephalizaton Quotient of Brain of Surti Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)

Alka Suman, Sweta Pandya


The brain of Surti buffaloes presents many cortical foldings. These are called gyrification. In the present study on brain of 12 Surti buffaloes, the folded cerebral hemispheres presented various sulci and gyri of different sizes. Gyrification Index (GI) was measured by the sum of the complete exposed surface and superficially exposed surface of cerebral cortex. The overall mean value of gyrification index of both of cerebral hemispheres was 2.52±0.02. The Encephalization Quotient (EQ) is the ratio of brain mass to body mass, which gives rough estimate of the intelligence of the Surti buffaloes. The overall mean value of encephalization quotient of Surti buffaloes was found to be 0.74.


Brain, Surti buffalo, Gyrification index, Encephalization quotient.

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