Animal healthcare service delivery system in Uttar Pradesh state of India: Perception of Government Veterinary Officers

D. Bardhan, Sanjay Kumar, Rishi Kumar Singh


The present study was carried out to ascertain the perception of government veterinary officers (GVO’s) towards present status of animal healthcare services (AHS) in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. A total of 22 GVO’s were surveyed from all the nine agro-climatic regions of the state. Findings revealed that most limiting supporting factors in AHS are laboratory support, availability of refrigeration facilities and training in post mortem. Most important constraints in delivering of AHS are posting in distant/ marginal areas, lack of infrastructure, and poor pay and incentives. Major factors hindering provision of AHS at farmers’ doorsteps are cases being reported late, farmers’ unwillingness to pay and other administrative and reporting tasks. The findings of the study have provided crucial information to the policy makers regarding the potential of improving AHS in the state.


animal health services; Uttar Pradesh; Livestock; reforms in animal health services.

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